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Cramped for space? Enjoy wall art? You can turn your artwork into desk or coffee table in seconds.

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My girlfriend and I have had this product for a couple weeks now and we love it. We needed something that we could use as a coffee table but that we could put away when we weren't using it. This is very light and easy to take off the wall and open up. We love that this is a huge space saver and also looks nice. Our cats are also huge fans! :) This is a must buy if you have small spaces. Also, its great because you can change out the artwork to whatever you'd like and it comes with 3 beautiful changeable pieces of art. One more thing it extends into a full hight table, great for a table to eat on in front of our TV or work on our laptop. Great Product!

Michael W.

Allentown, PA



We have had this Product for a little while now….We find we use it all the time…we have little kids so we don’t want a coffee table out all the time it gives us more space Space is limited so it is nice to hang it back on the wall as a Picture when we are done with it, as a coffee table or a laptop desk table, TV eating table. The art is great 3 changeable pictures plus we are getting a photo made of our family to insert in the Table-Art. Well constructed great space saving product ! Highly recommend. Thanks Justin... 

Justin R

Los Angeles, CA



This is the Coolest most functional Tailgating item I ever Baught !I ordered it on Line and had Table Art put in Penn State Logo Print / What a great Sharp Print !

Very well made and looks great in my Basement / Man Cave !Hanging on my wall as Framed Penn State Art or Take it down for a Coffee Table or a Tall snack table !

Also looks great at Tailing parties !What is so great is it is a Coffee Table when sitting on lawn chairs / or as Full Height Table for standing around making drinks or eating snacks !

CheersWhat an Idea !Tony M

Tony M.

Doylestown, PA